Criminal Defense

Protecting and safeguarding rights is vital after one has been accused of or arrested for a crime. Our firm provides aggressive and effective representation which our clients and their cases both demand and deserve. With experience in both the State and the Federal Court systems, handling a multitude of criminal matters including driving offenses, drug related crimes, violent crimes, sexual misconduct offenses and white-collar cases, our firm’s goal is to strategically guide our clients through the process, ultimately working towards achieving the most favorable outcome possible.

Criminal Defense

The Theos Law Firm has a long-standing reputation for successfully defending government officials, business owners, professionals, and other high-profile individuals accused of money laundering, tax evasion, Medicare Fraud, and other white-collar crimes. We also handle cases involving drug trafficking, murder, and a variety of other federal and state crimes. Although we are located in and proudly serve the Charleston area, we also represent many clients throughout other cities and rural areas across South Carolina.
If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime in South Carolina, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight to protect your rights and win your legal case. The attorneys at the Theos Law Firm LLC provide an aggressive and proactive legal defense to every client we represent.

If you are facing criminal charges, we can help. If you have been contacted by law enforcement and are under investigation for a crime, we can help protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly under the law.

The Theos Law Firm defends clients in every type of court setting, from Municipal courts to Federal. We are ready to take your case whether you’ve been charged in:

Magistrate’s Court

Municipal Court

General Sessions Court 

Federal Court

If you are facing criminal investigation and arrest, we will ensure that you receive a vigorous, well-planned defense, regardless of the charges or where you’ve been charged.
If you have been charged or arrest for any of the following types of offenses, the Theos Law Firm has over 50 years of experience defending individuals in all of the below types of cases:

  • Drug Crimes.
  • Homicide.
  • Criminal Attempt, Conspiracy, and Aiding and Abetting.
  • Federal Crimes, Cybercrimes
  • Juvenile Crimes.
  • Sex Crimes.
  • Theft Crimes.
  • Traffic Offenses.
  • DUI – Driving Under the Influence.
  • Violent Crimes.
  • Juvenile Offenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is negligence determined in South Carolina?

Generally, there are three prongs for proving negligence. First, the evidence needs to show that the person who caused the injury owed the victim a duty of care. Second, it must be proven that the person who caused the injury failed to carry out that duty; third, the proof will demonstrate that the victim suffered damages because of the failure to carry out that duty. Proving negligence is the foundation of a successful personal injury claim. It is difficult without the assistance of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Call the Theos Law firm for help.

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